Cons this Year

Dubin Comic Con is this weekend. I wont be trading there, but Amanda Spitzner will have a table with the third instalment of High Fantasy which I’ve been lettering all week (check it out if you’re there, it’s a seriously fun book). I will be floating around the con, and picking up some choice small press stuff though. Just thought I’d mention a few places I will be trading before the year is out.


Comic City Festival – September 12th and 13th

I’ll be at a table flogging Superhero Helpdesk books with my partner in crime, Hugo, in Derry this September. Comic City Festival should be a blast and if you happen to be coming along you should drop over and say hi! I should also mention that this is a FREE ENTRY con, with lots of wonderful Irish talent both pro and small press.

You can find out who else will be there on their site:


Thought Bubble Festival – November 14th and 15th


My favorite con of the year, Thought Bubble, will be happening in Leeds. If you haven’t been before I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND you come along. This con is always buzzing with creative energy, with three halls full of comic creators and vendors scattered among the small press. I’ll have a table in the Marquee and you should come by and chat if you see me!

Thought Bubble information can be found here:

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Designing a Font, Part 3: The Digital Stage

Continuing in my adventures of making my very own comic book font (for the first time), I started inserting the letters manually today. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to draw the font, scan it and then build the letters in Illustrator. I broke the letters down into individual Jpeg files then drew them in on Illustrator, a relatively easy job, even with my lack or drawing skills.

illustrator1 illustrator2

Then I just copied them over to typetool, simple as. Once you have your font metrics set to your desired values, your ascender and descenders will keep themselves aligned across the font so you just have to stretch the image to fit if you haven’t set up your guides in adobe. Though I found this guide quite useful for setting things up in illustrator (found on Joaquim Nielsen‘s youtube video).


Once you’re at this point I’d recommend testing the font, before you start working on the metrics and kerning. Which I did, the font itself needs to be tidied up too. I’ll save that for next time though, and I’ll leave you with my ridiculous looking first typing test. But it’s coming along at least.

Marlow Font Test


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We’ve been working our fingers to the bone folks, to get an actual printed Helpdesk book out for Cork Comic Expo. The Comic Expo is coming up next week and I have a table for my stuff. I’ve been putting together the pages for Helpdesk all month and I have some pages for you, plus the cover work. I’ve also re-lettered the entire season.

Cover AskUs

Panels 2 Panels 1


I’ve also been stretching my creative muscles with my own short, Cling, which will be part of a collection released later in the year. I actually painted the title logo for this one, which i’ve never done before, so that was incredibly fun.

1426389136505[1] 1426389137131[1]

Then came the scanning, digital toying around with and finally, the finished product.

Logo-WIP Logo-WIP_clipped_rev_2



So come along to Cork Comick Expo on the 25th of April and support some Irish small press comics. You can even pick up mine if you like.


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Designing a Font, Part 2: Trial and Error

So after a lot of deliberation and finding sources of inspiration, I moved on to actually starting to create my font. What followed was an absolute wreckage of trial and error trying to sort out what the font should look like. Straight lines? Curved lines? Rune-like? Tolkien elvish looking? And then there was correlation of symbols to letters. It was a surprisingly time consuming process that required a lot of testing and mind changing.


New Doc 6_1 New Doc 6_6


New Doc 6_3

Once I had a basic idea of what I wanted where, then came the sizing. I needed to set the font ascenders and descenders in relation to one another and make sure the midbar points were all in line.

New Doc 6_5

When I got to this point the font was pretty much as far as I could take it on paper and so next I’ll move on to the actual digital process, for which I’ll be using typetool 3 and adobe illustrator, which can be found here and here. I find typetool is a little counter-intuitive, so you can make the letter shapes on illustrator and copy them over to work with them for actually manufacturing the font via typetool.

So, that’s all for now.  I’ll leave you with the final idea I had put together for the font.

Marlow Font

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ICN and Thought Bubble

News people!

ICN Awards

The fellas over at Irish Comics News  are holding their fourth annual ICN Awards, which are a very good platform for independant Irish comic creators to get a bit of recognition for the slaving away we do. This year my name has been popped into the hat for the Best Letter Award, (cue copious amounts of pride as I’ve only been at this a year), and Superhero Helpdesk is up for Best Irish Digital/Web Comic, which is super cool because the Helpdesk is kinda my baby, along with Hugo Boylan and Triona Farrell.

So, if you are inclined to vote you can do so here: ICN Awards.

Thought Bubble!

If you don’t know already Thought Bubble Festival  has been on since the 9th, in the Royal Armories in Leeds. I’ll be heading over myself this weekend, so if you see me around sell me things, I loooove con swag. More importantly though SuperHero Helpdesk will be exhibiting out in the Teepee, along with some really awesome creators you should give a look like Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt who have copies of PRINCELESS, Rosie Haghighi will be out flogging her wares, Jeff Stokely will be right freakin’ next to us, not to mention The Hound, Gnash, Travelling Man and Image, are all in there too.

Here’s a map to find us:


and hopefully I’ll see you there. If not, see you on the other side of con recovery,

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I’ll be popping up updates every now and then on my all new updates page!

Updates page features:

  • Keeps you up to date on when I leave the country. (Great for parties).
  • Lets you know what cons I’ll be at and how to avoid all contact.
  • No hassle for stalkers, I’ll keep you up to date free of charge.


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